Ewa Sobczak | User interface design for a series of games
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User interface design for a series of games


Funtronic is a Polish company that creates games for a device of their own design – Magic Carpet. It’s an interactive didactic aid, designed for exercises, games and motion-based activities for kids. It consists of a computer, projector and a motion detector.


Between 2016 and 2018 I was asked to:

  • remake all visuals for a series of old games,
  • design user interface and animations for two new series of games – including a series for disabled children,
  • design user interface of the menu for the device,
  • support the company with various marketing materials.


Overall, it was an interesting and untypical case. The fact that I was designing for a projector forced me to use different solutions than for regular screens. User interface also had its quirks, because functions are triggered by the motion detector.


15 stycznia 2017


Animation, Game visuals, Illustration, Video