Ewa Sobczak | Carbon Chauvinist blog branding
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Carbon Chauvinist blog branding


Węglowy Szowinista (Carbon Chauvinist) is a Polish blog about science and technology, created by Mateusz Wielgosz.


As he describes the mission of the blog:


“Science is my passion – I can’t help myself but to support this statement with a quote from Carl Sagan: >>When you’re in love, you want to tell the world. My lifelong love affair is with science<<. Popularising science, trying to describe how the world works and writing about new technologies is a thing that drives me.


Why carbon chauvinist? Simply put, carbon chauvinism is a belief that if extraterrestrial life exists, most probably it’s based on carbon compounds. It doesn’t mean that there are no other possibilities – just that it’s highly improbable.”


Therefore the choice of visual inspirations – carbon symbol: C, and graphite hexagonal structure seemed an obvious choice.


Cosmos backgrounds © Hubble Telescope gallery.



“Ewa did a splendid job with the logo. She was able to deliver simple design that conveys word “carbon” in a best possible way, while making it easy to customize. Communication was flawless on every step of the process. Highly recommended partner!” – Mateusz Wielgosz


28 marca 2015


Branding, Logo design